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Learn how to make friends and develop a social life for yourself.

Our social skills strategies help teach adults how to break into the social world and improve their social lives.

loner Do you have social life experiences like these?

Since 2006, our adult social skills system has helped teach thousands of men and women how to break into the social world, develop friendships, and improve their social lives.

As you get older, the window of time to enjoy your youth closes forever. If you're living a life of loneliness that lacks friends, fun, and opportunity, you need to change now.

For many loners, it's not that they don't want to fit in and develop relationships, it's that they are not recognizing, doing, and acting on several specific things that allow for social development. Many of our users are well educated, reasonably attractive, friendly people who simply need to learn how to take acquaintances to the next level

Loneliness is a compounding problem.

lonerAs the years go by, loneliness and reclusiveness becomes a compounding problem. The less friends you have, the harder it is for you to break in and make new ones.

Those with existing social resources/connections have a much easier time developing new friendships. It is thus critical that you learn how to break into the social world initially by developing a few key connections. 

We understand the importance and challenge of "getting a social life started" and have dedicated a significant portion of our program to teaching you exactly how to do this.

Social isolation is such a problem because not only does it cause people to miss out on fun times and important life experiences, it also impairs and limits your potential in virtually all areas of life, including:

Our system provides a strategy to build your social life from ground zero. You can be totality isolated in your life, with no friends or contacts, and we'll teach you exactly how you can go out and make things happen for yourself, but be prepared to make some major changes to your life and behavior in order for this to happen.

The "Big Lie" of the Social World

For the most part, "being yourself" is not the solution. It's the problem.

Loners often fail to realize that while society encourages individualism on some levels, it also often punishes it simultaneously. Those who are individualistic, for the most part, are labelled as different/eccentric and shunned/left out while constantly fed the same advice: “just be yourself.

Being individualistic will cause people to see you as interesting (and perhaps also intelligent), but they won't necessarily want to be your friend or hang around with you - that's the problem.

Our social skills program is built on the philosophy that you need to change who you are; namely, your personality and behavior and combine these changes with specific actions and communication tools, which we provide.

Successful Social Prototypes

We give you the exact steps and specific directions.

With our unique social skills system, you will learn strategies and techniques to break into the social world, create friendships, and develop a personality and social communication structure that our research has found to be well liked and accepted.

Our system does not encourage your input or subjective interpretation of our methods. It is built on our workable and reasonably achievable prototype of socially successful behavior that we teach our users how to emulate.

Risks Associated with our system

Our social skills technology is not for everyone.

This program contains some highly aggressive, politically incorrect, straight forward language that may not be suitable for everyone.

Our methods for gaining friends, respect, and reducing your fear of rejection may lead to social side effects that some users may not be comfortable with, including:

- Being perceived by some as arrogant, aggressive, or overly confident;
- Developing an indifference toward the opinions of specific people;
- Being perceived as busy and less available than before;
- Not giving off an impression overt niceness anymore;
- Having people frequently move in and out of your life;
- Having to reject, ignore, and decline people;
- Creating drama in your life that may not currently be there;
- Using some dishonesty in social situations;
- Developing an impersonal approach to some other people;
- Resentment from old friends and family members about your new lifestyle;
- Seeing people as objects or in a less personal way.

* Please note: While some of our methods involve dishonestly, it is that of a relatively harmless nature that is normal/common in the social world.

What exactly are we offering?

An instruction manual and audio program designed for you.

the popular club ebook and mp3 program

Our program is comprised of two elements:
  1. The Popular Club Instruction Manual 2nd Edition

    This 112 page ebook is filled with straight up, simple strategies to develop and/or improve your social life, including how to make friends, developing relationships, handling individual and group conversations, how to make and get involved in social plans, using the phone, texting, being perceived as likable/social, availability and rejection, managing people, overcoming shyness, and much more.

  2. Please note: Our manual contains no motivational stories, visualizations, or any other similarly mass marketed self help material. It is meant to be read as an instruction manual and not for entertainment purposes.

  3. Our MP3 Audio Lecture program

    Through our members section, members gain access to weekly audio lectures by the author detailing important social skills strategies and providing consistent stimulation aimed to prevent you from reverting back to your old ways. When you order our manual, you will also receive a free 30 day trial of our audio members program.

What's in our manual?

We teach you exactly how to break into the social world, make new friends, and develop an active social life for yourself.

Here is a sample of some of the things you'll find in our manual:

Social Mindset and Personality

  • How to recognize and stop socially unproductive thinking that gives people a bad impression of you - pg. 9

  • Understanding the backbone of your personality and how it can be developed to make social interaction more natural for you - pg. 18

  • Reducing nervousness/shyness when talking to people - pg. 24

  • How to eliminate and control a mental process that hampers your ability to spontaneously make comments and organically participate in group conversations like other people do - pg. 26

  • A simple technique to help ensure your comments are less likely to seem unnatural or awkward - pg. 28

  • Learning to change from an introvert to more of an extrovert - pg. 29

  • Ways to increase the likelihood that people perceive you as a social person, which is critically important for obtaining invitations and friendship development -pg. 30

Ways to engage new people and break into social groups

  • How to naturally engage, converse, and build relations with strangers - pg. 34

  • Driving social plans forward - how to actually create and be a part of social plans - pg. 36

  • Using social and non social questions to open up conversations with new people - pg. 38

  • How to tell simple stories that create bonds, new contacts and increase your likability - pg. 40

  • How to break into established social groups - pg. 43

  • How to make yourself part of other peoples' plans - pg. 47

  • How to put yourself in the right environment/proximity to other people that will be conducive to social development - pg. 49

  • How to successfully show up to parties and events alone and build connections - pg. 50

  • A texting trick that helps you become part of social plans - pg. 51

  • How to find platonic friendships and activity partners online - pg. 52

Conversation and Communication skills

  • How to handle and participate in group conversations - pg. 54

  • What to say, and not to say, in group conversations - pg. 57

  • How to start, successfully execute, and reduce awkwardness in one on one conversations - pg. 60

  • How to easily create, conduct, and end phone conversations in a way that spawns plans and friendships - pg. 61

  • How to properly hang around with people and ways to prevent silence from feeling awkward (so that you feel comfortable with each other without talking constantly) - pg. 62

  • How to conduct conversations with popular people in a way that leads them to want to make you a part of their active social lives - pg. 64

  • A technique to naturally get people to hang around with you - pg. 66

  • A topic of conversation that virtually all people are interested in and that helps build friendships and bonds - pg. 68

  • The perception you need to give off in order to be seen as more than just an acquaintance - pg. 69

  • How to make people see you as honest and trustworthy - pg. 70

  • Something virtually all loners do that inhibits friendships, likability, and social success - pg. 71

  • How to make people talk to you by appearing open to conversation - pg. 73

  • Using small lies and simple dishonesty to avoid damaging social confrontations - pg. 73

  • Maintaining and forming relationships - pg. 74

Overcoming Barriers to Social Success

  • How to reduce and handle the fear of rejection - pg. 75

  • Reducing concerns of judging and fear of social interaction - pg. 79

  • Something many loners do that leads people to see them as outcasts and not invite them places - pg. 80

  • How to gain needed discipline and react properly to people - pg. 81

  • How to ensure you have a reputation that leads to social invitations and connections, and how to protect it - pg. 82

  • Common conversational subject areas that you should never speak about because they cause other people to dislike you (many of which you wouldn't expect) - pg. 84

  • How to stop appearing needy or desperate even if you truly are - pg. 86

  • Structuring and diversification of social relationships - pg. 88

  • Numerous details about yourself that you should never admit or tell people (many of which are commonly spoke about) - pg. 89

  • Image management and handling rumors or unpleasant beliefs about you - pg. 90

  • Simple and cost effective personal appearance strategies to ensure your looks do not inhibit social progress - pg. 92

Our manual also contains several more advanced techniques (not all users may be comfortable implementing these techniques), such as:

  • Advanced techniques of how to gain increased popularity by becoming socially dominant - pg. 96

  • How to become a social group activity creator to put you at the top of the social hierarchy - pg. 97

  • Creating group social activities that do not involve throwing a party at your house - pg. 98

  • How to make fun of people in a way that increases your social dominance and leadership - pg. 99

  • Pushing and pressuring people socially to increase your position as a social leader - pg. 100

  • How to properly use techniques such as overtalking and topic jacking to be perceived as socially dominant in group conversations - pg. 101

  • Telling social stories to groups of people to make them believe you lead a socially extravagant life that they want to be a part of - pg. 102

  • Confidence, busy-ness, and being perceived as a social butterfly -pg. 104

  • How to call people out for conversational hypocrisy in a way that asserts your leadership - pg. 105

Managing Your New Social Life

  • Dealing with drama, gossip and a newfound lack of privacy - pg. 107

  • Managing and having time for people - pg. 108

  • Handling the impact and realities of a more active social life on relationships with your spouse or significant other - pg. 109

  • Financial considerations of having an active social life - pg. 109

  • How to deal with a new desire for continued social stimulus - pg. 110

As you can see by the above sample of some of the things you'll find in our manual, we cover virtually all areas of adult social interaction. From the initial stages of breaking into the social world and friendship making, to making plans and securing invitations, to more advanced strategies - it's all here.

Since 2006, we have helped thousands of adult men and women develop and improve their social lives and communication skills. If our product sounds like what you're looking for, order below today.

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You can order our program today for just $29.95. Once you order, you'll be able to download our instruction manual immediately.

Upon ordering, as a free bonus, you will also receive a one month free subscription to our MP3 audio program. Here, you'll be able to continually download new audio seminars providing you with consistent motivation and new social skills strategies and advice. Keep it and remain automatically subscribed at a monthly rate of $29.95, or cancel at no additional cost.

Don't let your life pass you by. Make your move now and get started today.

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* The information found within the Site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical, legal, or professional advice. Results will vary for individual users and are contingent on a number of factors including the willingness/effort of the individual user to implement the advice, the environment of the user, and other characteristics pertinent to each user. Users should not assume the same results as those portrayed in the testimonials. For full terms and conditions, see here.

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"I liked that your program isn't just about how to act at a party. It actually teaches you how to get out to the parties to begin with."

                      -Ashley, Toronto

"I remember getting so depressed looking at Facebook and realizing how pathetic my life was in comparison to everyone else's. That's what motivated me to make the necessary changes and it was the book that gave me the tools I needed to overhaul my personality and make it happen."
 -Jillian, MA

 "After college my life spun out of control. I had practically no friends and would never get invited places. This changed everything for me. I'm a completely different person now and I haven't looked back. Took some practice and getting used to, but I can't believe the progress I've made. " 
                      - Rick, NY

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